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Nodle SDK for app developers

Earn Crypto
with the Nodle SDK

The Nodle SDK leverages smartphones with Bluetooth Low Energy enabled to locate and connect nearby smart devices. Monetise your app and generate revenue without ads and without collecting user data.

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How it works

  1. The smartphone acts as a node in the Nodle network

    The Nodle SDK, embedded in your app, creates a secure and private communication between nearby BLE-enabled smart devices such as packages, smart city infrastructure, sensors and vehicles, and their rightful owner.

  2. A crowdsourced, decentralized network, with low environmental footprint

    The network of millions of smartphones creates a decentralized wireless network (DeWi). Smart devices without an Internet connection can now communicate with their owners without deploying new infrastructure like 5G, Lora, or satellite with high costs and environmental impact.

  3. Earn crypto and monetize your app without ads and without compromising the data of your user

    Nodes are rewarded for participating in the network and enabling connectivity between smart devices and their legitimate owners. By design, no data from smart devices is shared with other entities. No personal data from your users is ever monetised. Nodle is designed for privacy.

Nodle is Privacy First

Privacy by design

Most monetization SDKs not only show ads but also harvest user data and share it with third parties. Nodle does not monetize smartphone data. Instead it enables connectivity to smart devices. Smart contracts on the blockchain transparently expose which entities can access data from which smart device.

No impact on user experience

The Nodle SDK uses very little bandwidth, with no visible impact on user experience. The Nodle SDK weights about 1MB on Android. Read the documentation for more information about the SDK and its impacts.

Control of the SDK

We are currently working on adding remote control for app developer to remotely set caps, limit capabilities, or altogether disable the SDK. Stay tuned for more!

Trust through transparency

The Nodle network relies on blockchain technology and has security and privacy at its core. Individuals around the world trust the Nodle SDK and deploy it on their smartphones inside their own Cash App.

Experience the SDK through the Cash App

Individuals can earn NODL by using Nodle’s own app. The Nodle app is a cryptowallet where users earn cryptocurrency through the utility they provide.

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